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Meet Mayu Casanova Urquijo, our Spanish teacher with a rich background and versatile experience.

Mayu has worked at Instituut Jeroen Bosch for a year and a half and can proudly boast almost 20 years of experience as a Spanish teacher. She is a certified teacher by Instituto Cervantes and she is also an examiner of Spanish as a foreign language. With extensive experience in private and group courses, she offers a valuable learning experience.

She has lived in the Netherlands since 2001, forming a half-Dutch, half-Spanish family with her husband and two children. Her passion for teaching began when she volunteered as a Spanish teacher to teach Yugoslavian children who came to live in Spain during the war. Here, she discovered her love for imparting knowledge, inspired by the children’s enthusiasm for learning.

Mayu stresses the importance of language learning as a way of opening the mind. For her, learning a language goes beyond understanding words; it also encompasses the traditions, customs and social structures of the culture in question. She notes that students who speak multiple languages are more mentally flexible and have greater empathy.

Her teaching philosophy is rooted in avoiding boring or uninteresting lessons that she experienced herself as a student. Mayu strives to tailor each lesson to her students’ interests and needs, using dynamic and enriching teaching methods. Her goal is to make learning Spanish enjoyable and keep students motivated by providing engaging lessons.

Mayu shares the advice that learning Spanish opens countless doors and offers a new outlook on life, making one more open-minded. She encourages students to see classes as an exciting opportunity to broaden their horizons, stressing that the course should not be an obligation.

Like all our teachers, Mayu is highly educated, with excellent overall development and a strong commitment to her students. Her creativity and flexibility guarantee satisfied customers at every level.


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