Background and experience

Patrick came to the Netherlands in 1993 with a master’s degree in French language and literature in his pocket. He now has over thirty years of experience as a teacher and translator.

Particularities and Strengths

Patrick has focused more on teaching in recent years. His experience with different sectors and people has shaped him into a flexible and empathetic teacher.

Thanks to his work as a translator, he understands very well the differences between French and Dutch. He can therefore explain them well.

Learning languages

Communication is at the heart of Patrick’s teaching method.

When learning a language, theoretical knowledge is important, but practice makes all the difference.

He encourages his students to actively use the language in everyday life, make mistakes and learn from them.

The most important thing for him is to increase his students’ self-confidence.


Patrick advises his students to be patient. Learning a new language is a long process that requires commitment and continuity.

He stresses the importance of repetition, self-study and homework. He warns against the idea that a language can be learned in a short time.


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