Meet our Italian teacher!

Erminio Mezzalira is the teacher of Italian at Instituut Jeroen Bosch. He was educated at the Istituto Professionale di Stato per il Commercio in Adria (Italy) and also studied at the RU in Utrecht.

Erminio has been with us since June 1985. He teaches group classes as well as private courses and in-company training.

“Interest in Italian varies,” says Erminio. “Usually it’s people from the business world who want to speak Italian with colleagues and clients. But there are also people who want to spend their holidays with knowledge of Italian, who are moving house or want to communicate with their Italian partner.”

Erminio aims for a broad approach to his lessons and ensures a person-centered style, whether it is business communication, writing or speaking.

“That is also the interesting thing about group lessons: where is the collective strengthof the group? What is the learning capacity of the group? Once you have discovered that, the students achieve the best results.”

As far as Erminio is concerned, the intercultural exchange is one of the most exciting aspects of teaching at a language institute. “The trainees bring me experiences and insights. You are never too old to learn. That certainly applies to the Italian teacher too!”, he concludes with a smile.


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