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Your language course in 4 steps


Before arrival you are required to take a written and an oral test in order to assess your  level. We always discuss with you the aims of your course and your wishes. With this information we can prepare an appropriate course that is tailor-made.


All our courses are designed to meet your individual requirements. They can be flexibly scheduled, a crash-course or spread over a fixed period.


All our trainers are qualified ‘native’ speakers. They all have excellent language knowledge and didactic ability. Their creativity and flexibility guarantees student satisfaction every time.


At the end of every course students are presented with a certificate describing the type of course studied and the level achieved. Those levels are based on the Common European Framework of Reference.


Thank you all for all your hard work and support, your patience and your encouragement. I look forward to reading, writing and speaking in Dutch soon’.
Adam Toulon, Rugkliniek chiropractie Munksgaard
‘First-class teaching by both instructors, responsive to my expressed needs and wishes, professionally competent as instructors, clear speaking: all that I could have wished for.
Jeremy Evans, Private person from Australia
I am happy with the content of the course because it is very systematical. I am also happy with the way the teachers thaught me.’
Shyny Joseph, Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit
The lessons are good organized from simple greetings to longer sentences. Good combination of books, practising books and CD-materials. So now I can slowly understand and speak basic Nederlands.’
Peter Jancek, Gunnebo
The course has been very worthwhile. It will help me with my daily activities at home and at work and has also given me some insight into Dutch culture, especially the obsession with skating!’
Craig Bentham, MSD


2212, 2017

26 languages – 26 wishes

Instituut Jeroen Bosch offers tailor-made courses in 26 languages and wishes you 26 times  a "Merry Christmas" !! Arabic : ميلاد مجيد (miilaad majiid) Bulgarian : весела коледа (vesela koleda) Chinese : 圣诞快乐 (shèng dàn kuài lè) Croatian [...]


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