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Your language course in 4 steps


Before arrival you are required to take a written and an oral test in order to assess your  level. We always discuss with you the aims of your course and your wishes. With this information we can prepare an appropriate course that is tailor-made.


All our courses are designed to meet your individual requirements. They can be flexibly scheduled, a crash-course or spread over a fixed period.


All our trainers are qualified ‘native’ speakers. They all have excellent language knowledge and didactic ability. Their creativity and flexibility guarantees student satisfaction every time.


At the end of every course students are presented with a certificate describing the type of course studied and the level achieved. Those levels are based on the Common European Framework of Reference.


“I really appreciated the course. The teachers and staff are friendly.”
Zuster Sofiani, Sisters of charity Mother of Mercy
“Thank you for the fun, educational and enjoyable lessons. I looked forward to it every week, even though I always hated languages at school.”
Lars de Backer, Essentra Components
“It was a great experience. Everyone made me feel very welcome during my course at the institute, and I feel more confident speaking Dutch now.”
Francesc Martin, Vatel Group
“Due to the excellent instruction, the course helped me with speaking and boosted my self-confidence. It was great.”
Claudia de Laat , Bierens Incasso Advocaten
“I found the teacher’s attitude always positive and friendly. She paid a lot of attention to my goals and was very critic when needed.”
Fabian Tovar, Organon N.V.


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