Chinese 101

Are you ready to boost your Chinese language skills?

Whether you are a beginner, experienced speaker or somewhere in between, our institute has a course for you.

Our Chinese Courses

Our tailor-made courses cater to the needs of every student, regardless of age, prior education or cultural background. Check out our offers below!

Part-time Chinese Course

Are you looking for a personalized Chinese course that fits into your busy schedule? Then our “Part-time Chinese Course” is the one for you!

With tailor-made lessons, personal attention from native-speaking teachers and flexible scheduling, you will achieve your goals thanks to this course.

Intensive Chinese Course

Are you looking for a fast and efficient way to learn Chinese? The aim of an individual crash course is to achieve the highest possible language level in the shortest possible time.

Chinese for Business

Do you want to be succesful in international business?

Our “Chinese for Business” course offers the ideal solution. If you do business with China, you will notice that Chinese people appreciate it if you understand and speak their language. In addition, it is important for you to understand Chinese business culture and developments in the Chinese economy.

Why Instituut Jeroen Bosch?

We believe in high-quality education. Our dedicated team of experienced teachers ensures that you not only learn Spanish, but also gain a thorough understanding of the language and culture.

Based on an intake interview, we design a personalized course for each student.

We plan the course in consultation with you. Flexibility is our top priority!


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