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Meet Sandra van den Eeckhout, our Norwegian teacher.

A teacher with a versatile background

Sandra has extensive teaching experience. She was originally an elementary school teacher, and later specialized as an orthopedagogue for children with problems. She now teaches adults.

She did teacher training in NT2 and cmbined it with her Norwegian. She has also lived, studied and worked in Norway for a very long time.

Language Learning

According to Sandra, learning languages is vital because it allows you to connect with others more quickly, find work more easily, and make yourself feel more at home.

Teaching Philosophy

Sandra believes that the most important aspect of teaching is establishing trust with her students. Students learn best when they are comfortable and safe, thus it is critical that they feel safe enough to speak and practice the language.

It is also critical for her that students understand that when learning a new language, everyone makes mistakes. Making mistakes and correcting them is the only way to learn. So, if you’re learning a new language, don’t be afraid to make mistakes; instead, practice and keep trying!


One piece of advice: you have to put in a lot of time. Although the classes are enjoyable, you must dedicate additional time to the language in order to truly understand it.

And also: learn Norwegian. It is a fun language and the people are so nice. Norwegians are really thrilled if you can converse in a few lines.


Sandra, like all of our teachers, has a high level of education. She is  engaged with her students and has outstanding overall development.

She is knowledgeable with the most recent advancements in the language industry. Every level of client satisfaction is guaranteed by her inventiveness and adaptability.


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