Learning Norwegian: tips & tricks from a student 

At Instituut Jeroen Bosch, we believe in the power of customized courses. That is why our Norwegian course is designed to meet the unique needs of each student.

Today we talk to Eline van der Kooi, a rehabilitation doctor who moved to Norway with her family and took a Norwegian course at Instituut Jeroen Bosch.

Expectations and Progress 

“I had high expectations and I think I can now also say that they just came true,” she said. “I enjoyed learning a new language, it was really nice just being with my teacher.”

The individual, one-on-one lessons with the teacher provided her with a safe and enjoyable environment in which to learn the language.

Fast-paced learning  

What Eline liked most about her course was how much she had learned in such a short time. “That’s what I liked most – to see how you can learn so quickly in a pretty short amount of time. You just make so many steeps in a week,” she says.

The welcoming atmosphere at the institute, combined with personalized attention, produced an environment in which Eline felt at ease studying the language.


Eline provides some recommendations for anyone thinking about taking a Norwegian course. “Make time for it. You will not get to the level you want if you only devote three hours to it. So go for it wholeheartedly.”

Sandra, Eline’s teacher, is likewise praised as a “super, super nice teacher, very motivated.”


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