Learning Dutch: tips & tricks from a student

Adrian Zuffi is originally from Australia and has lived in the Netherlands for four years. He completed his second Dutch course at Instituut Jeroen Bosch this week.

Why learn Dutch?

Adrian would like to learn Dutch for family reasons. The social aspect also plays a role in his motivation.

“My partner is Dutch and she has two young daugthers. I think it’s important to be able to communicate with them. And there is also the social aspect; namely, I want to integrate into Dutch society.”

Personal experience

“I had two teachers this week, which made the course dynamic and engaging,” he said. “They listened to my goals and tailored the sessions accordingly. They combined grammar and conversation exercises with interactive games.”

Adrian confesses that studying Dutch is not without obstacles. “Understanding and implementing grammar can be challenging. And breaking free from the habit of mentally translating from English to Dutch is an ongoing challenge.”


For fellow expats considering learning Dutch, Adrian offers some advice. “Embrace the ups and downs. Learning a new language is like the stock market – there are peaks and troughs. Be patient and celebrate every milestone, no matter how small.”


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