Meet our team!

Meet Sophie Decoster, one of our Dutch teachers.


Sophie is from Belgium. She was born in Knokke and attended the University of Leuven, where she studied Dutch language and literature.
She has been living in the Netherlands with her husband and three children for the past 20 years. Her hobbies are acting and reading.

Passion for teaching

Sophie, who has been teaching languages for over a decade, is motivated by a desire to help people grow.
Her work allows her to meet new people and learn about various cultures.

Teaching Approach

For Sophie, speaking skills are essential. Grammar and vocabulary are important, but the real learning process starts when you dare to speak.
She therefore encourages her students to be very active. She creates a safe space in her classes where they feel comfortable making mistakes and can learn at their own pace.
Sophie also knows how important cultural aspects are. Holidays, traditions and food are all topics that come up spontaneously during her interactive courses.


For those who want to learn a language, Sophie’s advice is simple: just do it!
Practice as much as you can, talk to people, watch Dutch television and read Dutch books or magazines.
Every opportunity to practice is a chance to grow.


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