Learning Spanish: tips & tricks from a student 

At Instituut Jeroen Bosch, we believe in the power of customized courses. That is why our Spanish courses are desgined to meet the unique needs of each student.

Today we talk to Rens Wammes, account manager in Potato King for Latin America, who took a Spanish course at Instituut Jeroen Bosch.

Personal Experience 

“I had a really good experience here, a good course. I could immediately put the theory into practice. That’s nice! I got enough handles to keep improving my Spanish from now on. So I am very satisfied with it” he says.

The individual lessons combined with the practical exercises helped Rens learn Spanish efficiently and quickly.

Advice and Language Learning

The first step of our approach is the intake. On this basis, we put together a personalized program for each student, taking into account their wishes, level and background.

It is also good for the students to know where they start and what they can expect from their course.

Rens also shares this: “It is nice to know where you stand and what you can still improve. Now it’s really up to myself to get started”. 


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