If you do business with China then you will notice that the Chinese really appreciate it if you understand and speak their language if only a little. Besides this it is important for you to have an insight into Chinese business culture and any developments in the Chinese economy. For this reason Instituut Jeroen Bosch is offering an introduction course in business Chinese.

What are the aims of the course?
– To learn the language: basic Mandarin (using our alphabet) for use in practical situations such as greetings, introducing yourself, taking a taxi, ordering in a restaurant and so on.
– The business culture: do’s and don’ts, etiquette and normal practises.
– Economic information: new and sometimes not generally known developments in the Chinese economy.

Who is your trainer?
ChangQing Zhang is a native Chinese speaker, she has lived in the Netherlands for more than 20 years, speaks good Dutch and English and has broad teaching experience. Moreover, she studied economy and has been active in the business world in both Holland and China.

What about organization and cost ?
The course can be followed in Dutch or English.
Duration of the course is 30 hours spread over 10 sessions.
It takes place at Instituut Jeroen Bosch in Vught or in-company.
Days and times of lessons to be arranged

An individual course inclusing lesson material costs € 2475.
Basic cost for a group course is € 2475 plus € 500 for every extra participant, with a maximum of 5 persons per group.
Travel costs are calculated at € 0,60/km for lessons in-company