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Instituut Jeroen Bosch
Taalstraat 36
5261 BE Vught


2406, 2016
  • zomer

Learn Dutch in the Netherlands this summer

Located in Vught, in the South of the Netherlands, Instituut Jeroen Bosch organises Dutch courses in small groups during the months of July and August. Supplemented by [...]

403, 2016

We zoeken collega’s !

Instituut Jeroen Bosch zoekt docenten 'native' speakers Nederlands (NT2), Duits en Engels voor lessen op het instituut en bij onze klanten in-company. Kom je ons team versterken? [...]

1002, 2016
  • Chinees Business

Chinese for Business: language, culture and economy

If you do business with China then you will notice that the Chinese really appreciate it if you understand and speak their language if only a little. [...]